About us – House 12 Accessories

About us


House12 was born from a passion for design and fashion!

When I got married and moved from Brazil to Australia, I got myself in the middle of the dilemma that all the immigrants face: How to start a career from zero again?!

After some considerations I decide to follow my heart and do what I passionates me: fashion with design and a touch of good vibes!

Our collections are designed in Australia (with lots and lots of Love), and produced in Brazil with great materials like natural stones, pearls, rhodium and 18K gold plated metals.

Sourcing high quality products and thoughtful creative design is in our DNA.

Our accessories are timeless, easy to wear and inspiring.

We are an Australian company, based in Adelaide.

Being eco friendly is the only way to go for us. Our products are ethically and sustainably sourced from Brazil.

Enjoy the freshness and sparkly of your House12 jewellery!!!

Camila Sanders

Founder of House12