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About us

House12 was born from a passion for design, fashion and natural stones.

I have always had clusters of different crystals around my house as they created a great atmosphere, also I like to wear accessories with natural stones. However it was difficult to find a nice accessory with natural stone, everything was always too rustic and the cool and stylish pieces were too expensive. So I sensed a need to fill in the gap in the market. I wanted to create  jewellery that are powered with great vibrations, easy to wear with different outfits, and still be affordable. 

Our collection is made of powerful authentic gemstones with strong energy for different moments of our customer’s life. 

Positive vibes in the form of a beautiful fashion accessory! That is a great definition for House12 jewellery. 

For every occasion of our lives we need different types of vibes. Sometimes we need to emotionally recover, other times we need to concentrate or relax. And the crystals work like a charger to boost our energy and mood.

House12 is proud to work with self-care, self-healing and fashion all in one unique accessory.

Sourcing high quality products is one of our principles, the other one is thoughtful design. 

We are an Australian company, based in Adelaide.

Being eco friendly is the only way to go for us. Our products are ethically and sustainably sourced from Brazil, which is one of the biggest quality jewellery producers in the world.

Enjoy the fresh and tropical vibes of your House12 jewellery!!!

Camila Sanders

Founder of House12

Email: camila@house12.com.au

Ph: +61 0438 183 130

Address: 13A Lawson Ave – Morphettville – Adelaide – South Australia – Australia - 5043